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staff research scientist, Netflix Production Innovation

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Portrait Light (Google Pixel and Google Photos)

Portrait Light is a new post-capture feature for the Pixel Camera and Google Photos apps that adds a simulated directional light source to portraits, with the directionality and intensity set to complement the lighting from the original photograph.

Google AI Blog Post

Environmental HDR Lighting API (Google ARCore Lighting API)

Environmental HDR mode uses machine learning to analyze the input camera image during an AR session and synthesize environmental lighting for rendering a virtual object. Java API. Unity API. Based on LeGendre et al., CVPR 2019.
[Google I/O 2019 - YouTube Talk]

Image © Invision Studios

DMX CPP (DMX512 lighting control software)

A light-weight C++ Windows console application that lets you control RGB and multispectral RGBW or RGBXX DMX512 lights from C++ code, using the Enttec OpenDMX USB device and an FTDI control library. Runs in Windows (because the Open Lighting Project only has *nix solutions). Inspired by a visit to Jewel Nightclub Las Vegas.
[Download: Github] [Buy the Enttec OpenDMX controller]

Photo: Hiroko Masuike, The New York Times.

Makeup Genius

L'Oreal Digital Incubator, L'Oreal Paris, Image Metrics

An augmented reality mobile application that uses facial feature tracking technology to virtually apply cosmetic products in real time, at video-rate. [Download: Google Play] [in NYT]

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